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Profile for Linda Green | Visual Artist

Painting and sculpting are ways to create visual text. For me paint and clay inspire word which turn into poem or story which inspires more work in paint, maybe in clay. I consider myself a process artist. I generally do not have a clear plan for the end result. When I do have something in mind it will often change in response to opportunities that arise out of the process. I frequently shift between mediums. Some days are just better in paint. It is a vigorous and spontaneous process in paint. If I am feeling like everything needs to slow down I will spend some time working in clay. Subjects shift between figurative work and organic, where I spend time looking at things under a microscope or gather inspiration from shells. It depends. If I don't know where to start, I write.
Samples (mp3, jpg, etc)

Morning Frost

Her Patern in Sand


Trail of Bones



Maude and Maurine

Book of Wishes

Winged Eve and the House of Mirrors

Jessica's Shell

Sleeping Lily

Sea Gate

The Blue Dress

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Auburn, CA
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Keywords/Style:Oil, Acrylic, Classes & Workshops, Commission Work
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