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“Found shells are the best, empty and full of holes where the sand and salt water have worn them through. It was sitting in the sand and exploring shells and bits of driftwood that I began to think about Winged Eve...” -Linda Green Artist Biography Linda Green, prolific in a variety of mediums has been working as a figurative abstract acrylic artist since fall of 2000, works include her series of “Passion of People” and in 2009 her series “Women at the Window”. Her background is primarily in watercolor; which has influenced her current painting process. More recently Green is exploring ceramics and oil painting which is allowing her to express thought in new ways through a new series of works, “Behind the Chain Link Fence” which will; upon completion, incorporate ceramics, painting ultimately with a collection of short stories and poetry. “Winged Eve” is a part of this larger work. Linda received her education at California Sacramento State University and has been an Artist in Residence of The Arts Building in Auburn, California since the fall of 2000. Linda is a full time Artist who also provides art instruction to student artist; children through adult, in the ARTspace which is a PlacerArts program provided in the downstairs teaching space of The Arts Building. She offers an on campus afterschool program and artistic classroom visits to schools in both Sacramento and Placer County.
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Morning Frost

Her Patern in Sand

Broken Doll in Blue


Trail of Bones



Maude and Maurine

Book of Wishes

Winged Eve and the House of Mirrors

Jessica's Shell


Sleeping Lily

Sea Gate

The Blue Dress

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Auburn, CA
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Keywords/Style:Oil, Acrylic, Classes & Workshops, Commission Work
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