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Combining Susan's artistic jewelry creations with the use of husband Tim's handmade glass beads provides a unique experience in the jewelry arts. The nature of Tim's interpretation of the art of lampworked glass bead making, insists that each bead is truly a one-of-a-kind creation. Each bead is created over an open flame in the hands of the artist and no molds or presses are ever used. Tim has over 500 colors of glass rod, much of it, imported from Murano, Italy, from which to choose his color palette for a particular bead. Additionally, Tim uses precious metals, dichroic glass and other amazing ingredients to create his dazzling, brilliantly colored beads. When the beads have completed their journey from glass blob to glass bead, in Tim's masterful hands, Susan then creates strikingly different jewelry from Tim's unique beads. Among the items, Susan uses for her creations in addition to Tim's beads are highest quality Swarovski crystal, sterling silver, and 14K gold-filled findings. The result is a piece of jewelry that is as unusual as it is beautiful. Utilizing all colors, their work is a joy to behold.
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Hot Dichro necklace and earrings

Purple Haze necklace and earrings

Desert Stardust Bracelet

Black and white artist hand made lampworked glass bead necklace and earrings

So you like purple necklace and earrings

Desert Stardust Necklace and Earrings

Purple Fantasy bracelet

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Arroyo Grande, CA
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Keywords/Style:Glass bead jewelry, lampworked glass bead jewelry, hand made glass bead jewelry
Area of Work: San Luis Obispo County
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