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As a creative, my goal is to present animal and human forms with simple expressive lines, relating a calm appreciation of Life. I do my best to live in harmony with my environment, and encourage others to do the same. My work and commissions include, sculpture and painting, public sculptures, drawings, hand-colored etchings and digital commercial illustration. To me, sculpture is like painting in the round, and painting is carving in two dimensions. I am devoted to searching for just the right line and just the right angle to convey the message of the form, no matter what the surface is. The ability to move around a sculpture in order to see all of its facets, to shape and carve them until the form is right, intrigues me. I like to paint if I can combine it with words in some way. I've never been able to limit myself to one medium... generally now I'm working in clay, made durable by casting in bronze, or painting with oil on canvas. I was a printmaker for many years, I still use watercolors with pen/ink on paper large and small, have made a few hand-made books and have been experimenting with animation. ( to see more, cut and paste: )
Samples (mp3, jpg, etc)

Old photo of Mission Plaza fountain

Mission Plaza Fountain

"The Student"- close-up

Judy Swannson memorial "The Student"

Paula with Cal

"Cal" at Houser Foundry

Cal the very large Frog

Happy Dance

Happy Dance (rear view)

Paula working on original large cat.

Working on the "Fire Dancer"


Stoic Horse

One of 12-15 sculptures created for TMclaughlin collection

The Student

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Santa Fe, NM
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Keywords/Style:Calm, simple, figurative, sculpture, painting
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