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Profile for Paula Amerine | Visual Artist

I enjoy working with various painting mediums including oils, watercolors, oil pastels and colored pencils. People ask me which is my favorite medium and I answer, "The one I am using at the moment I'm painting." My career teaching high school art classes promoted my commitment to research, the study of art history, current events and trends that occur during an artist's life time. Teaching also required that I continuously honed my painting and drawing skills.

Color and design are important elements in my paintings. I begin a painting by considering the influence of a subject but as the process continues I find the layering of pigments by using multiple glazes leads to the subject matter becoming a secondary concern. Applying one color of glazing transparencies after another allows me capture volume through the additional use of reflected light and cast shadows. Fabric design, paper patterns and color theory aid me in creating interesting compositions.

I personally like visual beauty in my artwork. Painting is the one activity that allows me to bring creative splendor into my world. I surround myself with the powerful influence of nature's perfection, fresh flowers, abundant fresh fruit and vegetables living in Placer County.
Samples (mp3, jpg, etc)

Pesimmon Tomato

Fuyu persimmons

Persimmons on a Dresden Plate

Kimono Study II

Katt in a kimono


Quince in round bowl


Magnolia with golden apple

Barbera Vines


Pink Iris

Calla Lilly

House surrounded by lemons

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Auburn, CA
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Keywords/Style:Arts Education, Commission Work, Oil, Painter: Decorative, Pastels, Public Art, Watercolor
Area of Work: Placer, Sacramento and Nevada Counties
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